7 Shopping Sites Like Wish

Now a days there is a lot of shopping sites are available beside Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day people are preferring online than local market and malls, there are many reason behind this but affordability is one of them. Online shopping is affordable and time saving nature too.

Wish.com is an amazing online shopping platform which offer stuff directly to customers at very low prices. On this site you will always find amazon deals on clothes and other items. Now it became 6th largest shopping site of the world. This site is really very good and many people are looking for Wish.com alternative this is the reason we came with this post “Cheap Shopping Sites Like Wish” if you are looking for it then this post is totally meant for you.

Sites/apps Like Wish

1. AliExpress

Site like wish : AliExpress AliExpress is very popular online retail service based in China that is owned by Alibaba. On this site there is huge range of products in all category. Here you can find everything like Amazon.

There is tons of stuff here which comes with affordable price tag and good quality. As it’s China based company usually you will find huge discount on electronic items.

If you are looking for buying in wholesale then there is no better place than it, here you can purchase items directly from the manufacturer which also lowers down the price.

As you are looking for site like wish, AliExpress is worth for looking at once you will absolutely like it.

2. Overstock

Wish.com alternative OverstockOverstock.com is another great retail and establish site, serving various categories. Here you can shop anything such as Office, Kitchen, Dinning, Bedroom stuff like furniture, sofa, , decor, lights etc. And you can also shop small items like Watches jewelry.

It’s really great site and you can find everything which you want and most importantly it’s affordable than other sites and provide very good quality.

Overstock ship products around the world, This site is very good for online shopping and in this post you are looking for Wish.com Alternative, so this can be considered as good alternative.

3. BangGood (Cheap Shopping App Like Wish)

Bang good : Site like wish Banggood is another great site for online shopping similar site like to wish where you can find daily need product to the clothes to electronics. This website is loved by many people for just because of It’s huge discount and great quality. Their support and service is also appreciable.

It has some great service like return product within 30 days and less shipping fee. Here you can find lot of fresh and new arrival of good items and if you are looking for clothing, accessories, electronics, home and kitchen products and sports equipment then this site is worth for looking.

4. JollyChic

Apps like wish JollyChic is another great website similar to wish that give you massive savings on it’s products. It has tons of products which you can sort though category and buy which you want. On homepage they often give information about latest running deals by which you can grab.

It’s becoming one of the favourite destination of many people who love to shop fashion items. But to be honest I find some product aren’t genuine and good quality sometimes you can stuck with bad product. You have to check review before buying anything.

It’s fresh arrival and good discount always compel you to buy and you will love to shop here.

5. LightInTheBox (Website Like wish)

LightIntheBoxNot only AliExpress, Here is another popular website of China that delivers products to consumers in over 200 countries and territories. In LightInTheBox, you will find remarkable number of products and finest quality.

It offers the product on very cheap I mean to say on wholesale price and ships directly from China. Product price is cheaper than normal local stores. It mainly famous for fashion clothing, gadgets, and small accessories.

It’s very user friendly website and support is very good and helpful, It has lot of payment methods like Wire transfer, credit or debit cards, PayPal , and others. You can pay from anything you want.

It’s great website and very similar website like wish, if you love shopping there you will love it too

6. Miss A

Cheap shopping sites like wishThis site is dedicated for females and specially for them who is looking makeup, beauty products and other women-oriented accessories. This is also considered as heaven for girls because of unbelievable price and very awesome makeup stuff.

It is also known as $1 dollar makeup store because in this site you can also find product of literal price of $1.

There is a lot of things to buy here all are related to beauty and makeup accessories. If you are looking formakeup brushes, eyelashes, hair accessories like bands, bows, sunglasses, bags, pouches and other beauty tools then this site can be gem for you and you will absolutely love to shop here.

7. GearBest

Cheap shopping sites like wishAnother great website is list, GearBest is very cool website unique kind of online store with different health and beauty products, fashion apparel, electrical appliances and sports accessories.

In first glance you may think this site focus on mainly electronic items and its true but this doesn’t restrict it to this specific category only.

This site gets updated daily and on homepage you will find awesome deals everyday from wide range of products to choose over. You can definitely buy a lot of electronic item in affordable budget on this awesome website. It provides you free shipping so you need not to worry about paying extra change for shipping. Totally a great site and shopping though this is always a satisfying and good experience.

Final Words :

So these were 7 best site like wish, I think everyone who shop frequently though online should know these site because it can save your money and in budget you will get a good product after all saving is always a good thing.

There is also app of these above sites, which you can install it in both android and iOS. So you can also shopping though smartphone without any hassle. Hope you liked my post, thank you for reading this post.

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Anwesha Bhagat is a tech savvy & web geek. She is blogger from Kolkata, India. She is passionate to write about technology and internet.

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