Top 9 illegal Android Apps

There are several apps that violate Google play terms & condition so google ban them. A lot of user asked about some top illegal apps for android so I thought to make a small and informative post. These apps are not in Android Market.

9 Illegal/Banned Apps in Android

1. TubeMate/VidMate


This app allow you to download videos and save to your phone. A lot of people use such app but this is totally illegal that’s why it’s banned from Google.

2. KingRoot


This is very poular app, with this you can root your android device in one click but the problem is it comes with a lot of harmful virus therefore it’s also banned.

3. ShowBox


Showbox is quite popular app and gem streaming lovers. It provide movies, shows and web series. Downloading movies and show is illegal that’s why this app is not in PlayStore.

4. Aptoide

With this app you can download pro verison and other paid apps totally free. If you don’t have money to buy premiums apps you can download by this app. As you know downloading paid apps for free is huge loss for developers that’s why it’s banned.

5. GB WhatsApp/OGInsta

These two apps are very popular app. GBWhatsApp is similar to whatsapp but allow you more features than normal whatsapp similar same thing with OGinsta. This apps you give amazing features but take your data. Well apps like this are totally banned from PS.

6. AdAway

AdAway allow you to disable ads from all the apps. If you will remove ads from apps they will not make money so morally it’s not a good thing because if they have created such software they should make money too but if you’re frustrated with few app’s ads then you can use it to remove them. This also doesn’t stand on terms and conditions on Google Play Store therefore banned there.

7. Dream11


Dream11 is quite popular in India, It’s a fantasy Cricket/Football that allow you to pick your team and participate in contest. You can also participate in paid contest with real people and get money.

8. Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep is known for hacking, It capture your session and take your browisng details. You can capture only if he/she will use your wifi.

9. USB Cleaver

With this app you can hack anyone PC. After installing this app you have to just connect your phone with his/her PC with data cable. Hacking Apps are totally banned from there so it’s also not available in playstore.

Final Words :
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Anwesha Bhagat is a tech savvy & web geek. She is blogger from Kolkata, India. She is passionate to write about technology and internet.

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