The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2020

The world is changing rapidly as science keeps on developing new technology. Technology makes basic things easier and smarter. A few years back smart things like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Rotimatic were not common in your home, but today mainly everything can be controlled with voice and applications by using our smartphones.

Many home appliances are getting smarter and can be controlled via applications. As the kitchen has often called the heart of the home, then obviously science has also developed smart appliances for the kitchen also, which makes things easier in the kitchen.

Now the kitchens are equipped with smart gadgets and appliances which make the kitchen hi-tech. To work in such a type of kitchen is very easy and simple. Some of the smart and advance appliances that can be used in the kitchen are discussed below

Smart Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the basic need of the kitchen and many types of refrigerators are available in the market. Now new technology has been seen in refrigerators, in which refrigerators are connected to the cloud that is with our smart devices like smartphones, Alexa and google assistant.

Companies like LG, Samsung, and GE make a smart refrigerator. Samsung smart refrigerator is most packed in features, with a large display which provides every information regarding the refrigerator. We can watch TV, look up recipes, leave a message and play music by using this screen. Some other benefits of Smart refrigerator are.

  • It reminds or gives a message if the door of the refrigerator remains open.
  • It reminds me of things like ice is running out, the filter of water filter is to be changed and many other things.
  • You can see inside the refrigerator on your smartphone screens which helps in grocery purchasing.
  • Some of them help in order groceries as it tells about products which are going less.

Roti making Machine

For some people, the most difficult task of the kitchen is making roti. They are unable to make round and perfect chapatis. Moreover, the person who is trained in making chapatis is also burdened when some guests are sitting at the dining table and demand more and more chapatis. To solve this problem, we are available with rotimatic roti maker. It is a machine that is used for making chapatis. It solves the biggest problem of making chapatis with the old tradition. Many companies are providing Roti making machines and it is very famous in people. Some reviews came from people, who use this machine and these reviews for rotimatic are mentioned below

  • It is very simple to use, even inexperienced and a new person can operate this machine by simply reading the guidance available on it.
  • It takes less time to make chapatis and experience can also make chapatis faster by using it as compared to the traditional method.
  • It helps in making perfect and round-shaped chapatis.
  • It is operated on electricity therefore it is eco-friendly.

Roti making machines are easily available in markets and on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Smart Faucets and Kitchen sink

Technology makes taps and kitchen sinks more advanced by adding sensors in taps and sinks. There are automatic taps that open water when we take anything below the tap. Moreover, temperature control sensors are coming in taps which maintain the temperature of the water as sometimes water is very hot. There are also sensors in the sink that give alert whenever there is leakage in sinks and any other problem. Some other benefits of smart taps are given below

  • It is easy to use and helps in keeping the tap clean because sometimes our hands are covered with material like flour etc.
  • It makes the kitchen more attractive and hi-tech.

Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

Now there is no need to touch the Soap dispenser because now we have an automatic soap dispenser that releases soap whenever we put our hand below the nozzle of this dispenser. This dispenser has a sensor that senses our hand and releases soap liquid on the hand. It is not connected with the internet but it prevents bacteria from spreading all over your kitchen. Moreover, it makes the kitchen advanced and hygienic.

Smart Coffee Maker

It is very difficult to get up in the morning and prepare coffee as we are in a sleepy mood. So smart coffee makers solve this problem. This smart coffee maker can be operated with the help of the Alexa app or talk to your Echo device. It makes it easy to make coffee simply by saying to Alexa to prepare coffee before you even roll out of bed. This coffee maker is very advanced and makes our life hi-tech and easier. Moreover, it is very easy to use it as you do not need an app to operate it, you can simply give the command to this smart coffee maker with the help of Alexa.

Magnetic Racks and magnetic strips

Space management of the kitchen is one of the biggest problems faced in the kitchen. There many things which are spread here and there simply on shelves of the kitchen which look dirty and we get uncomfortable in this situation.

So we can use Magnetic racks. These racks are simply attracted to any metallic surface. We can hang these racks around the refrigerator. These racks further have an extension which consists of hooks for hanging towels or other useful clothes and has jar racks. Magnetic strips can also be used to manage space, these strips work like double-tape that one side of the strip contains adhesive material and another side is magnetic.

With the help of adhesive, it is attached to any surface and magnetic side used to hold things like knives, spoons, etc. These magnetic racks and magnetic strips are easily available on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket etc.

As everything gets smarter, it is time to make your kitchen smarter. There are many appliances and gadgets as discussed above which you can use in the kitchen to make things easier and perfect. Technology can be used to make kitchens more advanced and hi-tech.


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