8 Best Games to Play over Facetime

After doing conversation or video chat with anyone with time you will feel that your conversation isn’t so interesting and you may bore. If you want to do something interesting then you can try games to make interesting.

Facetime is one of the best skype alternative which is proprietary videotelephony product developed by Apple, It can be used in iOS as well Macintosh computers. It’s awesome to connect long distance family or couple. Using it always a fun but sometimes we get bore by usual conversation and in this post you will find some interesting games that make your conversation more interesting. If you will play with your lover, family or cousin it will be really amazing experience.

Games to play on facetime

Games to Play on Facetime

1. Arrange A Singing Together

It doesn’t matter how is your voice good or bad, singing with your love ones is always fun. Just install Karaoke by play store and start singing with partner, It’s real fun. 😉 Because you will talk in real time though facetime.

This is one of the most favorite time out of many people. It’s awesome and if you will try once, You will love doing this again and again.

2. Watch Video Online

Your partner or friend is thousands kilometers away from you still you can watch your favorite movies or latest movie together on facetime. Not only movies watch anything you want, It’s totally a great experience.

So if you brother or friend is Marvel or DC lover and he is far away from you you can watch that latest movie together.. Isn’t interesting ?

Watching romantic movie with girlfriend is always fascinating, everyone like it. Hope this game will add some more fun into your conversation and time pass.

3. Enjoy Listening Music

Everyone loves music and if you and your friend have same interest of music then you can play it and enjoy live on facetime. With listening music you can perform task like enjoying snacks, prepare notes while connecting.

4. Guess the Song Name

It’s pretty awesome game for song lover and white popular too. You have to play any song and your friend have to guess which song is that. If you or your friend fail to guess the song name correctly so penalty comes to you or your friend and then have to sing sing the tune and vice versa.

5. Play Charades

You can also play this, you or your partner have make face or hand sign and then you have to guess that movie name and vice versa. It’s quite interesting game that may people play even in group, school and friends gathering. This can also be played on facetime and you will never bored with this game easily.

6. Two Truths & One Lie

In this game You have to tell two truths and one lie of your life, It can be really interesting your past lies story. This game has to be played turn wise.

7. True or False?

Another great game can played between you and your partner you have to just tell something about your life and your partner have go guess true or false. This is really interesting game and it’s also has to played turn wise.

8. Truth or Dare

I don’t think this game need any introduction, It’s so popular and we are playing from childhood. Actually in this game player ask a question –> “Truth or Dare?” tells you whether to ask a question or give an dare. Let’s play this game on facetime and make your moment unforgettable and interesting.

Final Words : There are many games to play on facetime or Skype, here discussed some practical and easy to play games which is quite interesting as well.

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Anwesha Bhagat is a tech savvy & web geek. She is blogger from Kolkata, India. She is passionate to write about technology and internet.

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