Massage Parlor Review Sites Like RubMaps

RubMaps is amazing online destination where your fantasy meets reality. It is number one massage parlor review site that offers high quality honest AMP reviews, written by real users.

It lets you locate an erotic massage parlor in more than 50 states across America from Alaska to Florida and they are just waiting for you to make an appointment.

Similar Sites like RubMaps

All the places found on this site are clean and professional.

Sites Like RubMaps

In this post if you we are going to give you list and brief overview about similar sites like RubMaps.

1. AAMPMaps

In RubMaps you find parlor in American states but this site let you find best Asian apartment massage parlor locators.

On this site you will find quality, cost, body to body, prostitute, hot message and other types of reviews.

They will show you details and photo if you wish and tell you which door to knock according to your wish (if you tell them).

If you will create an account in this site you will be able to access special features that let you search by personal taste and needs. After visiting parlor people often says Asian women have an inborn talent for rubbing people. :p

2. Spa Hunters

This is another best alternative of RubMaps, It is a massive forum that allow user to comment and rate the place where they have previously used and loved.

If you are visiting or new town or want to do something exciting then spa hunter can help you out.

You can check out best recommendation on this site that can give you an idea where to go !

3. EroticMP

This is another best Erotic Massage Parlor review site, It features genuine reviews that help you to decide which one is good or bad. Generally this site list only good places but you should take idea yourself that which one is sketchy and which ones are reputable for you.

It will give you right massage parlor and happy ending for you, It you are looking similar sites like RubMaps then you must like this site.

4. MPReviews

This is another big site for massage parlor review and it’s name suggesting what it does. It has more than 100,000 real reviews from satisfied clients on MPReviews.

Not only reviews this site give you awesome tips on how to experience a successful massage.

On this site you can post or share your opinion anonymously so you need not to worry about privacy.

Final words :

These are some sites that are very similar to RubMaps, if you liked this post share it on social sites. Thank you.

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Anwesha Bhagat is a tech savvy & web geek. She is blogger from Kolkata, India. She is passionate to write about technology and internet.

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